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Below you can purchase the final mastered single of The Serenity Prayer Song. If you or the group you belong to want to bring the song to life on your own, the “Album” features tracks you can sing along to and learn from including:
1 – The Serenity Prayer Song
2 – song without lead vocal – with choir
3 – song with no voices – instruments only
4 – song with band and soprano part
5 – song with band and alto part
6 – song with band and tenor part

The Serenity Prayer Song 

Track without lead vocal – with choir 

Track with no voices – instruments only 

Track with band and soprano part 

Track with band and alto part 

Track with band and tenor part  

For all 6 tracks 

Sheet music for SAT choir and band is available in the form of a PDF which you can purchase at a price of $1.95/print. We are currently offering a 20% discount.
Send a request including the number of copies you would like permission to print to ctwworship@gmail.com.
Your sheet music and invoice will be emailed to you directly and you print out the number of permissible copies.

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